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SMART Success Academy is an 8 week online training course that takes you step-by-step through the process of blueprinting your life by design.

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Chalene’s mission is to help you work smarter, not harder. A recovered work-a-holic, she feels it is her purpose to teach other entrepreneurs that you don’t have to do it all. You can go after your goals and live a life by your design while keeping your priorities first and having work life balance. Chalene is a New York Times Best Selling Author, a motivational and business development speaker, celebrity fitness trainer, and the #1 female in direct marketing. With her husband Bret Johnson, she has built and sold several multi-million dollar businesses and is the founder of multiple online personal and business development academies. Chalene is a mom of two, and she takes pride in teaching others how to create success on your terms and live your life by design all without compromising your relationships, priorities, or sanity.

Why SMART Success?

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We’ve helped thousands of busy career men/women, seasoned entrepreneurs, new business owners, and stay-at-home mom’s and dad’s redefine success, escape the hustle and overcome the overwhelming trap of trying to do everything themselves…all while experiencing incredible career/business growth and living more. We are honored to share with you some of their stories…

“SMART Success gave me and my family a life that is balanced and more fun.  I am a serious perfectionist, so I went into SMART Success looking to learn how to shift my life towards the right priorities.  Since completing the program, I’ve learned that I don’t need to be everything to everyone, it’s okay to say no to things that don’t honor my priorities, and that I am a work in progress.  I continue to implement what I’ve learned in the program and can proudly say that I am working towards my CRAFFL!”

Susan Diehl
Susan Diehl

After completing Chalene Johnson’s SMART Success Academy, I was able to leave my job and pursue my passion as a full time career eventually doubling my income.  SMART Success gave both my husband and me the tools we needed to not only grow our businesses, but the program taught us how to set priority driven goals, how to outsource the time restricting things in our life, and gave us control of our future!  All of the credit goes to Team Johnson and the SMART Success Academy!”

Tulin Emre
Tulin Emre

Smart Success Live

Our Three Day Seminar

Exclusively for SMART Success Alumni

At Smart Success Live we work together for 3 days on building your SMART life.